Spiritual Bouquet for Adam, Carlie and Family

Adam and Carlie are expecting their second child in early January.

Earlier this month, Carlie received news that her Papanicolaou test turned up abnormal results. Next week, Carlie will undergo a colposcopy in order to further diagnose what the issue is. Whatever the result, the baby is not in danger; however, the pregnancy does affect Carlie’s treatment options.

This spiritual bouquet is a place for family and friends to gather and to remind Adam and Carlie that they are praying for their family throughout the pregnancy and during this time in their lives.

If you are unfamiliar with spiritual bouquets, refer to What is a Spiritual Bouquet? Please note that you may select more than one contribution to the spiritual bouquet on the poll, or enter another offering of your choice. After you have submitted an offering for this spiritual bouquet, please comment so that Adam and Carlie will know that you are praying for their family.